Installing HotPotatoes

by: Edy Wihardjo


Sebelum menginstal, silahkan unduh (download) Hot Potatoes di sini.


1.     Double click setup_hotpot_6304.exe installer file. If you see a security warning like this, click Run.



2.      Select the language to use during the installation and then click OK.

3.       Or change the language, for example to Indonesia, then click OK.

4.      Youwill see the welcome page, click Next.

5.      Read the License Agreement. If you agree, click Next.

6.      Read the Important Information. Click Next.

7.      Choice the destination directory. Click Browse to explore. After that click Next.

8.      Choice Start Menu Folder. Click Next.

9.      Choice the Additional Task, create icon on the desktop and the Quick Launch. Click Next.

10.   Check your configuration. If you ready to install, click Install.

11.     Installation process. If you unsure, click Cancel.

12.    Finalization. If you want to start, mark Start HotPotatoes. Click Finish.

13.    This is the first page. Click one of “potatoes” to activate the application.

14.    Click Help | About to see the information about the author.


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